auralfiend (auralfiend) wrote,

Bullet points

1. I appear to have been stricken with the Doomcold this week. I feel all kinds of bad. I was hacking and coughing at The Job today and one of my coworkers asked me if I was sick. I responded "No, I'm coughing because I'm happy. And this snot running out of my head? That's happy snot. And the headache? That's from smiling because I'm so happy!" Me, sarcastic? Noooooo!

2. Michael Chabon is out hawking his latest book on the NPR circuit. He had some interesting things to say about discipline as a writer that meshed well with what I have learned over the summer playing poker. I plan to incorporate these ideas once I finish feeling like shit.

3. Portland Slam Family Meeting went well. Big plans, stuff that should make this town respectable. I'm definitely down to heft some weight for the team. Definitely looking forward to see what we can do.

4. Even though the skin was described as "spongy" the work done last week seems to be healing well. Not too much fading

5. ???

6. Profit

7. Give it up for joethecabdriver's new gif! Who doesn't enjoy some good scissor-lovin'

8. Bob Dole is watching you, Death. Don't you make any sudden moves now!

I think a good median life expectancy on this guy would probably be 5 years. *shudder*

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