October 19th, 2006

chairleg of truth

My eyes are all scratchy...

Well, Taneka is down in San Francisco worshipping cartoon boys doing each other in the butt (yaoi-con). This has left the apartment absolutely silent and me all by my lonesome to take advantage of it. I thought about donning brown sackcloth robes to observe my newfound monasticism, but couldn't get them made in time.

I went to bed around 3:30 this afternoon absolutely exhausted and woke up a little before 7. Just like that, ding, lightswitch went on. Three and a half hours sleep for the graveyard shift tonight. I'm going to be a mess come 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. As it stands now, it feels like my ees are on fire, looking t the computer screen. Last night I ran my index finger over a box and got a paper cut so bad that it bled. Surprisingly, those kinds of papercuts seem to hurt the least.

On the writing front, I got another 1500 words kicked out this morning, this time for a story I'm writing for some Iowa State writer's journal or magazine or, hell I don't know. My friend Jason Arboghast commisioned me to do it. "Christmas Oranges" is rapidly getting out of control. It's just not clicking for me. The other story has taken me half the time and a fraction of the effort to write, so I'm sticking with it. I'll post what I have from it before I go to bed tomorrow. I'm pretty impressed with myself being that I started the story on Tuesday night.