October 9th, 2009

chairleg of truth

Holy god, so much to do...

Kim left this week, bringing the number of friends I can call up and hang out with physically to...oh yeah 0. Just typing that is a bit depressing were it not for the fact that I have the Slam scene again and I'm in talks with Jack to drag his pasty white ass out to Portland to make money and provide for his daughter back in Toledo. While it would be good to have a familiar face around in Geek Zion I don't want to go breaking up anyone's family. Speaking of Jack, checked out the Soulfly show Tuesday night. It was quite awesome tinged with some BS. Me and the roomate got drunk. He got his first taste of a mosh pit. No name metal band, Cattle Decapitation, Prong, then Soulfly. I got a Soulfly shirt and a Prong knit cap while I was there. Talked with the guys from Cattle Decaptiation and they were quite cool and admitted vegetarians, which was a bit of awesome irony (and the source of their band name). The faint taint of BS came from the part where CD was up onstage and two youngish, hottish girls were rocking out next to us doing the tried-and-true metal hairwhip and the equally tried and true Bruce Dickinson inspired "so metal because I thrust my arm out and let the rock go, then bring it back in" move. One girl was performing this combo of maneuvers, then adjusting her top to keep her ladyparts in. I mimed something (which I THOUGHT) was to the effect of "less adjusting, more letting it all hang out and RAWK" and said "c'mon, save the Maiden for Maiden, or at least the headliner". She replied with "Me and my friend aren't big fans of Soulfly". This offended my metal sensiblities, but whatevs. Ten minutes later as Prong is getting ready to go up, one of the bouncers motions me over and tells me that one of the patron complained that a man fitting my exact description harassed her and tried to get her to show her breasts and if i persisted in doing this I would be thrown out, needless to say I was like "wha?!?!?" The bouncer shrugged his shoulders. Once again my intentions were misunderstood by women. FML. Later on in the concert I found the offended young lady and apologized for the misunderstanding but seriously, I'm fucking tired of this shit. Yes, I'm a big clumsy slobbery dog who frequently pisses on the rug when it comes to women. You know what, though? Dogs are awesome and there is a reason that they're man's (and woman's) best friend.


Next day was my appointment to get the Crux Terminatus finished. I was not apprised that if you get stinking drunk the night before your tattoo appointment, your skin becomes spongey and unworkable to a tattoo artist. Jason from Studio 2 spent an hour drilling on me before declaring just that and saying that I should come back in two weeks. Guy didn't charge me for the time, though, which is cool and the reason I'm probably going to keep going back to them for all of my other inking needs.

In terms of poker I recently finished a big twoplustwo.com post. It was a combination of brag at my success this summer in making $8000 at poker and my observations at how my fellow small stakes grinders can make more money playing what they play, how I play. This was met with some positive feedback and, of all things, a haiku contest in my honor (the forum goes know about my slam background). I've got some requests for a followup posts with actual poker content because apparently I know something about the game now. o_O

I want to get an article on blind defense in limit holdem done TODAY just so I can get it off my mind. Once again, so much work.

Finally, I signed up for Facebook. search for Swinkey if you want to add me. Maybe sign up for my Mafia Wars crew if you feel so inclined. I punch button on that game when I'm not playing on Pokerstars.
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