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Wednesday into Thursday

Sunday's show at the Hawthorne Theater was ok. Good crowd, good energy once things got warmed up. I was not privy to any of the warming up as I went first. No sacrificial poet. Just me, first. Ugh. As we say on the felt "LOL variance". Lowest score of the night. Amongst the poets there were some issues with how things are run and organization/consistency and I'm going to talk to the girl who runs it to sort things out. Portland is in the middle of a serious stretch of artistic road and it would be a shame to lose this show due to something as easily fixable as changing how we operate the slam here to the national . Phone number and facebook info in hand from the Portland slammaster. Contact info in hand from a lot of people actually. Sunday made for good networking. Things will be dealt with. This fits in nicely with the fact that I'm finally thinking about putting together a Facebook account to keep in touch with folks in Michigan and talk with poetry people. Saturday marks the start of the Eugene slam season. I'll be shipping down there to see whats up.

Remarkable amount of rungood today at the tables put me +300 dollars for an hour and a half of work. Puzzling over one hand and how the hell my opponent decided to call a river bet.

I'm nerdking btw.

roomate gone I was gonna be all "woohoo alone in the house" but tonight it's utterly quiet outside from the fall cold and I'm kinda freaked out by the silence. I have knives, sticks, and loaded handguns. Death will be dealt where necessary

Many moons ago Taneka had a friend from the east coast who needed a place to stay. His name was Jonathan and he crashed on our couch for a couple months before going back to North Carolina and leaving all of his stuff. He ended up moving BACK out here 9 months later and staying with us AGAIN before flaking and moving back to North Carolina AGAIN. It is now approximately 18 months later and boxes of his stuff are spread between my room and the trunk of my car because he contacted me and asked me to get his stuff from the old apartment when Taneka was moving out. I did so because I'm a nice guy but he and I went back and forth in May or June over how he was going to get it. I told him that I would mail it to him so long as he sent me some money for postage. He said that he would be moving back here in late September and not to bother as he would just get it once he was out here. I told him that his stuff was going to Goodwill after September if he was not out here as I am not a self storage lot. I am a living embodiment of the Holy Spirit and will be canonized upon my death but it is now October. The hammer is falling. Anyone need clothes from a 6' 1" 260 lb man?

PS: Goddamn the MC5 still amaze me. These guys were the shit for a couple years back in the early 70s back in Michigan and it's a sad sad tale that mismanagement and just bad luck led to their dissolution. Crunchy, bouncy proto-punk all around. Definitely the missing musical link between bands like The Who and The Stooges.

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