auralfiend (auralfiend) wrote,

Fox TV Rant Engage!

Just caught the second ep of season 2 of Dollhouse and goddamnit Fox, why do you have to make such braindead shows? There are such logical inconsistencies to this show that it just leaves me with the feeling that Dollhouse is utterly, irrevocably flawed. I'll watch it because it's better than most crap on TV but it really sets my teeth on edge. It's the same problem with Fringe. That show has really good twists and turns to it but the 30 out of every 43 minutes just grates the hell out of my nerves. It's hamfisted exposition followed up with scenery chewing acting and mindless american TV plot devices. They were in Iraq this week. Peter Bishop speaks Arabic. Have the fucker speak arabic through those scenes where he needs to because he's a badass genius. I don't care if I have to read subtitles! But oh no "your partner does not speak arabic, therefore we speak in english" NO. Fuck you! This is a dimension spanning mad scientist fringe science extravaganza conceived by JJ Abrams but...scripted by the guys who wrote Transformers. FML.

Game over.

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